Service Charges


Dear Esteemed Customers we are pleased to inform you that our SMS alert facility for our account holders is now Free of charge.Kindly contact our branches for details and activation View More...

Dear Esteemed Customers, we would like to inform you that we accept mutilated notes/defaced coins and also give change of small denomination at our BANK OF INDIA (T) LTD branches. View More...

02/08/2012 We are happy to announce that business hours of our Zanaki street Branch have been extended up to 4.00pm from Monday up to Friday View More...

15/08/2012 Free remittance facility to Tanzanian students studying in India.Walk in for opening of savings bank account. View More...

03/05/2012 BOI celebrates 60 glorious years of banking in singapore View More...

Exchange Rates

Deposit And Related Charges


i) TISS Remittance  (Only for A/c holders – Not permitted for non a/c holders)
Remittance -TZS TZS 10,000
Remittance -USD USD 10
Other Outward Remittance
  A/c holder   Non a/c
Upto USD 6,000 USD 15   USD 40
USD 6,001 – 10,000 USD 30   Not Allowed
Above USD 10,000 @0.35% maximum USD 210    
Note :
  1. The above remittance charges are applicable for both BOI & Other Banks.
  2. For remittance in other than TZS & USD, equivalent charges as per USD table based on the exchange rate of the remitting currency with USD as on the date of transaction will be leviable.
  3. In case of cross currency remittance, exchange rate as on the date of transaction will be applicable.
B. REMITTANCE –INWARD (Only for A/c holders – Not permitted for non a/c holders)
From inside Tanzania      
From outside Tanzania      
Current /Overdraft a/cs 0.30% of inwards remittance Minimum USD 18 Maximum USD 70.    
Savings Bank a/c Flat USD 18    
Stop Payment TZS 35,000   USD 28
Regular statement of a/c (Monthly) Free   Free
Interim /Additional Statement TZS 1,500 per page   USD 1.50 per page
Issue of bankers’ cheque TZS 40,000   USD 30
Cancellation of bankers cheque/DD TZS 20,000   USD 15
Issue of Duplicate Payslip/Demand Draft/Duplicate TDR. TZS 30,000   USD 20
Special clearance
Within walking distance-1 km TZS 70,000   USD 45
Far off distance –more than 1 km TZS 95,000   USD 65
Cheque returned charges –financial reasons(inward/outward) TZS 70,000   USD 55
Inward/outward  cheque collection -USD --   0.60% Min comm. USD 18 postages USD 90
Issue of Balance certificate TZS 9,000   USD 7
SMS Alert Facility
Category Minimum SMS Alert
Charge (To be recovered quarterly upfront)
Number of Free SMS on
paying SMS Alert charge
SMS Alert charge per SMS beyond the free SMS (To be recovered in monthly basis)
Individual Free of cost No Limit Free of cost
Corporate Free of cost No Limit Free of cost
Dormant a/c Activation– Per Activation Fees
Individual TZS 5,000   USD 3.00
Corporate TZS 12,000   USD 6.00