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Exchange Rates

Rate of Interest on Deposits

Scheme Savings Bank Deposit
Currency Tanzanian Shilling (TZS) United States Dollar (USD)
Minimum Amount
With Cheque Book facility TZS 200,000 USD 200
Without Cheque Book facility TZS 50,000 USD 50
Rate of Interest 2.50% p.a. 0.50% p.a.
Scheme Star QIC, Star MIC, Star Recurring Deposit, Star Fixed Deposit
Currency Tanzanian Shilling (TZS)
Minimum Amount TZS One Million.
Amount in
Period / % p.a.
6 months Over 6 months
Below TZS 10 Million 5.75% 6.75%
TZS 10 Million & up to TZS 100 Million 6.25%



* Above TZS 100 million please contact Branch Manager for quote.

Currency United States Dollar (USD)
Minimum Amount USD One Thousand.
Amount in USD

Period / % p.a.

6 months

Over 6 months

Below USD 10,000



USD 10,000 & above



Rate of interest
Internal rating
(Business Loan a/c)
Facility Rate of interest
Bank’s Prime Lending Rate (BPLR) All credit facilities TZS : 14% p.a.
USD :  7% p.a.
(Subject to change  as per 
ALCO decision from time to time)
AAA/OVS1/OVS2 Partly secured/unsecured BPLR+3.00% p.a.
Min 125% Secured by asset BPLR+2.00% p.a.
AA/OVS3/OVS4 Partly secured/unsecured BPLR+3.50% p.a.
Min 125% Secured by asset BPLR+2.50% p.a.
A/OVS5 Partly secured/unsecured BPLR+4.00% p.a.
Min 125% Secured by asset BPLR+3.00% p.a.
B/OVS6 Partly secured/unsecured BPLR+5.00% p.a.
Min 125% Secured by asset BPLR+4.00% p.a.
All Borrowers Fully Secured by SBLC BPLR+1.75% p.a.
Fully Secured by  cash margin  BPLR+1.25% p.a.
100% Secured by Sovereign/PSU
guarantee or Sovereign/PSU is borrower
BPLR+1.25% p.a.
Negotiation of Bills under LC on whom exposure limit is available Secured by Bank Upto 90 day: BPLR+1% p.a.
Over 90 day:BPLR+2% p.a.
Personal Loan Secured/Unsecured USD-BPLR+3% p.a
TZS-BPLR+4% p.a
Vehicle Loan/Loan against Property/Housing Loan Secured/Unsecured USD-BPLR+2% p.a
TZS-BPLR+3% p.a
Loan against deposit Secured 2% over Deposit rate
Staff Loan Secured/Unsecured As per scheme.
Temporary Overdraft Secure/Partly Secured/Unsecured BPLR+5.00% p.a.
Penal Interest
a) 3% p.a. over Regular RoI for non-compliance with terms of sanction.
b) 5% p.a. over Regular RoI for overdrawing/ excess drawings due to nonpayment of interest/ instalment/charges etc.
c) The penal interest to be charged on the entire outstanding loan amount.
Temporary Draft
(7% over PLR ) USD 14% P.a. TZS 21% P.a.
Temporary Over limit
2% p.a. over Regular RoI
Loan against TDR in same currency
3% p.a. over RoI on TDR
Loan against TDR in cross currency
USD-7% p.a. (PLR)
TZS-15% p.a.(PLR+1%)



  • Fully Secured by cash margin means 100% margin in case of same currency and 115% margin in case of cross currency.
  • Fully Secured by SBLC means Minimum 100% of loan amount coverage by SBLC of Bank on which exposure limit is available.